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animacenter.orgI love this photo!
I love this photo!

I was suprised when the last week came about and our last blog due was going to be this reflection blog. Looking back on the semester, the topic I feel I was most engaged in was the history of Easter Island. That topic led to deforestation, which is what environmentally led to the collapse. I found it facinating that today, we know what deforestation can do (change the climate, hurt and destroy our soil, effect our river system, and biodiversity loss) and yet with the information we still are cutting down so many trees. I have heard many times, hisotry repeats itself. Easter Islanders did not have the technology we have today, they thought that some deity was going to solve all their problems. The people fought so hard to survive, but failed. I am impressed with the large stones they created, without cranes and other electronic tools. There were only a couple thousand of people living on that island, but once the trees were gone, the people no longer could survive. I am worried about our future. Jared Diamond felt similiar and put into words that touch the heart “for instance, if mere thousands of Easter Islanders with just stone tools and their own muscle power sufficed to destroy their environment and thereby destroyed their society, how can billions of people with metal tools and machine power now fail to do worse?” (Diamond 2005)
I enjoyed this class, and truely feel that similar classes should be taught in elementry schools, not just here in the US, but all over the globe. Wouldn’t that just be great! The younger people of our world are the future, and I want to make sure they have a good planet to live upon. Education seems to be the key, and without this class there are many things I would not have learned. Through this class I met more people who care and want to improve the environment, and learned a lot of knew ideas and solutions. I do wonder if classes similar in style would be allowed in elementary schools. Even though there is evidence of global warming, deforestation effects, pollution and so on, there are still people who do not believe it, and would probably have a problem with our youth being taught it. I looked up a few activities and lessons some people have put out there to teach the youth of their environmental surroundings.  I think a school garden is a good idea too.



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I never fully understood the humpty dumpty "rhyme" when I was a kid, but this one makes sense to me!

I never fully understood the humpty dumpty “rhyme” when I was a kid, but this one makes sense to me!

Did you know that the sun can reach temperatures of 27 million degrees F?  I was thinking about Australia and how much I do not like hot weather.  I”m more of a 65 -70 degree weather type of person.  So thinking about Australia and how they have had the hottest months ever there this year I got to thinking about the sun, and how much temperatures here are rising.  Heres some good information on our sun if you want to look a little more into it.    I was put in a sad mood when I learned that Australia had to have a “color” to their high temperature scale for this year.  That proves that temperatures are raising.  I feel for the people that live there and especially the animals, the ones that can not create Air condition and have to live outside.  I hear from a lot of people that they don’t think the Earth is getting hotter, or that they just don’t believe it.  Luckily, we have had others who notice the temperature rise and have done graphs of previous years to now.  The world has always had periods of cooler and hotter times, but the fear of this rising temperature is that it is happening much quicker than it should, and that humans are having a bigger hand in it than they should be.  What if humans weren’t here?  What would this planet look like?  questions that are somewhat hard to answer, but as I and many feel, it would be in a better balance.  I know our class has learned a bit about the greenhouse effect and how it works, but here is a site from NASA that explains it pretty well and has a nice graph to show the rising temperatures here on Earth.   I feel that sometimes people will only believe things when it is too late, and in thinking of that, I came accross this article, a man that was certainly skeptic of global warming is now a believer!  “A prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming spent two years trying to find out if mainstream climate scientists were wrong. In the end, he determined they were right: Temperatures really are rising rapidly.” (Seth Borenstein)

I hope more and more people are learning and doing research on the planet and what is happening to it.  We are all responsible in our own ways, and accept that.

The Video that follows, is just a little comedy I found after feeling a bit down about the world.

this one is from NASA

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