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I was apart of a class during the summer that did something similar to this on the side of the Kiln room at Melchers.  We used large bottles. Great idea!

I was apart of a class during the summer that did something similar to this on the side of the Kiln room at Melchers. We used large bottles. Great idea!

Watching Food, Inc in class was not the first time that I have seen it.  I have watched it before but to be honest, it struck me the same all over again.  After talking about cloned food, and not knowing what we are really eating and putting into our bodies, I felt like I didn’t even want to eat anything at all for days.  Of course, that didn’t happen, I probably ate right after getting home for lunch, but I look at the food and know its not the best for me.  To change our habits of eating “bad” food to healthy, or even just organic food is a big change.  Habits are hard to break sometimes.  I bite my nails, yes I know a bad habit, and have struggled with it for a long time, so I know I am a creature of habit.  Some habits need to be broken, and that the easier way to do things, is certainly not always the best.  Here is an article on habits I thought was interesting.  I do not do well at eating vegetables, and I truly want to change that.  I received some free seeds from Subaru a few weeks back and planted them (basil and oregano) in a pot that was already growing some spider plants.  They have begun to grow!  I was suprised and so happy at the same time, so that little encouragement got me thinking about growing other things that I will use, like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and probably a few others.  I have never had a garden and decided to look online at some ways to grow gardens.  I think if more people started to grow some of their own food during the season we wouldn’t need to have so many worries about running out of food.  Another topic completely for me is, people just eat too much food now anyway.  I have been slowly looking at ways to grow a garden and people have some great ideas! Share the knowledge!

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  1. terra says:

    Dr. S, I am hoping to do some gardening in my own backyard. We space for it, I just need the know how and time. I also found out I have a couple friends who have their own gardens! So I could get some advice from them. We are also planning on moving next year, so sadly, I dont know when I will really get my own garden really going. A couple of tomato plants started to grow, but not the peppers. Oh well. I will keep trying

  2. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    That’s great that your herbs are growing. Where and when do you think you’ll do further planting?

  3. terra says:

    That is very true, many people would not purchase a lot of foods if they really knew what was in them, and that is why they do not want us knowing. Education and truth is a much needed concept that isn’t running through all of this nations veins i’m afraid. We need to help each other out. I know more and more families now though, that make their own baby foods, and share what they know. its a good feeling.

  4. nmotley says:

    I had never seen Food Inc. before, but that segment on the cloning of food actually made me a bit nauseated. It made me think about how unsafe our food could be. We could be eating food and not even be aware of what it contains. The companies may not be providing the true and comprehensive ingredients on the package, and if they did, we may not even purchase the food. I agree with you that habits are extremely difficult to break, however I feel that watching Food Inc. has really motivated me to pay more attention to the foods I purchase and to review the labels closely to determine where and who produces the product to determine if it is organic or not. An educated consumer is paramount in keeping manufactures honest and transparent in divulging the source and content of products.