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Its a little hard to see i think but the black on here are ladders, and two people trying to get the pieces back


Last week was my turn to write blog posts, but I have been thinking more about the National Park, and realized that it is already protected, being that its a National Park… but yet since the discovery of oil, potential money for Ecuador government, it is being threatened.  There aren’t any doubts that this particular area is one of the absolute most biodiversified areas on Earth, and keeping our Earth “balanced”, as much as it can.  Not only does oil being brought up out of the soil hurt the ground, they have to cut down the trees, which is harmful for everyone.  Yes, deforestation can lead to desertification, soil erosion, and then to toxins, salinization, change in regional and then global climate. It also effects our atmosphere greatly from removing our oxygen… well not removing it but not producing it.  The plants around the world keep us alive!  It is pathetic to me that everything in our world now comes down to money, money which is a man made thing, that does not have actual meaning in the eyes of our planet.  I know that kids movies are meant to entertain, but they aren’t so far fetched in some cases.  Some people are just now learning about deforestation and problems with our environment, and many still deny that there is anything wrong!!  How can they be so blind?  Unfortunatly, the ones that I know personally that do not feel that there is a problem, are people that can afford two or three of my houses, and pay other people low rates to do “dirty” work.  If they only thought about what they learned of photosynthesis, and thought about how they are going to have no air to breathe one day.  Sicknesses, asthma on the rise, and selfishness has grown exponentially. I just watched a video that was in this article, and it was great.  I honestly didn’t think about it, but America hasn’t even really paid fully for the oil spill that they are still cleaning up I believe in Ecuador, and how did they find that there was that much oil there in the park- oh thats right, they have already done some forest clearing.  Does anyone else remember watching FernGully, the Last Rainforest, as a kid??  Or reading the book by Diana Young?  That was in 1992.  How about The LORAX, that was originally written and published in 1971!  Some people feel that environmental issues are a “new” thing, but that simply is not true.   – Terra S

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  1. terra says:

    Dr. S, I was thinking that there may have been older env movements that did not make it into the history books as well. I think that evn problems have always been around, and very possibly written and talked about, but just simply ignored, and much of that we just do not know about. But because of the bigger impacts we have seen now because of the problems, there are now more groups trying to do something about it.

  2. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    Do you mean that the environmental probelm is new as in the 2000s, or just the latter half of the 20th century? Either way, it’s true. Transcendentalism was a reaction to the industrial age, and I wonder if there were even older env movements that didn’t make it into history books.

  3. lauracp says:

    I was also thinking about the greed of the world in this class. To me it was seen very clearly in the Aral Sea case study. There, they knew this was going to be a problem but they simply didn’t care because they would be getting money. Sadly this seems to be a common theme in todays world. Many greedy corporations use the cheap methods and ways that end up hurting the environment and the people. Its astounding to me how they seem not to care as it doesn’t hurt them. But the thing is, it will hurt them. Maybe not right about, but the impacts they have on the world and the environment will come back to haunt them and their children.