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I would love to see Easter Island.  I remember my "Mario" tetris game had a level with Easter Island.  Until reading, i never knew about the red stones on the tops of them.

I would love to see Easter Island. I remember my “Mario”  game had a level with Easter Island. Until reading, i never knew about the red stones on the tops of them.

I thought the role playing we did in class was interesting.  Most people agreed on most subjects, which was  nice to hear, but it made me wonder about the people who didn’t agree.  Did they not say something because they didn’t want anyone to think they were “wrong” or “different”.  Just like when we talked as a group about how the people on Easter Island probably would have reacted if one or two individuals were to have stepped up and said that they were harming themselves by cutting down the trees.  As humans we have such high or strong social issues we sometimes keep our mouths shut on important things because we are worried about what someone, or main a group, may think of us.  Then in turn, depending on the situation of the community, harm may even come to those who are not following along.  I forgot to mention it in class, but I remember reading in the book the chapter on Easter Island they mention that there was a population estimation of 7,000 at their peak. The video that we watched said the peak was at 12,000,  that is a difference of 5,000 people.  I may be wrong, and am would like to be corrected if I am, but I was pretty certain that is what was said.  To me, that is too much of a difference.  I think it is wonderful that people have come so far in technology and science to now be able to tell that there were actually many trees on the island at one point.  We are assuming that there were trees that covered the island, because of location, climate and surrounding islands, but in all reality we don’t know how many trees there actually were.  I also recall reading that there were  still around 3,000 people left living when others came to occupy the island. (or Visit) So having that many people still there says that the civilization was still going, not well of course and wasn’t going to probably last much longer on their own anyway, but I had the impression that they had killed off almost ALL of themselves, leaving only a couple hundred.  I still find it strange that the ones that did survive, didn’t even really know what had happened.  Such mysteries.  I have not researched it myself, but just like the pyramids, they shouldn’t have been able to really build the monuments they did, I heard that people of today can’t replica the pyramids using the “tools” that were provided back in then.  I dont know if that makes sense to others!  So fascinating and mysterious.  What if we are completely wrong about what happened?  Not likely, I know , but still I wonder.

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Area of interest, the Marine Corps Ball.  Environmentally, there was a lot of trash that was produced, a lot of electricity used, a waste of some food and most certainly a large group of people in a small area.  It was a good time however.  I’m expecting to learn more about the problems of the world and gain more knowledge on what can be done.  I took EESC 110 and have learned a lot from that class pertaining to Environmental issues, but I’m looking forward to learning more and possible solutions. -Terra Sadek

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I do not look at blogs much, I had one for a computer course, a while ago, and its coming back a little bit, but not as much or as quickly as I thought it would.  But i finally got it up and running and even got the background changed!


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